LaVonne's Fish Camp

Kotzebue, Alaska

LaVonne's Fish Camp

LaVonne's Fish Camp is a small, intimate, off-the-beaten-path fish camp on the Chukchi sea five miles south of Kotzebue, Alaska.

After a long winter, the re-opening of LaVonne's Fish Camp heralds the beginning of summer. It is a safe, healthy, outdoors place for many native and non-native people to gather.

Inupiat families go to "camp" in summer to harvest fish for winter. For those who lack property, equipment and transportation for this seasonal activity, LaVonne's Fish Camp offers them a means to engage in subsistence activities. Local residents stop and visit friends and relatives at camp en route to hunting, fishing, berry picking and gather old ivory and other fossils. 

The camp also serves as a venue for local artisans to demonstrate their crafts and sell artwork to guests.

Guest Comments

"I was surprised with getting to spend so much time with the local people, with their generosity, and willingness to share their lives with us . . . their joys and tragedies" Vivian

"Meeting real-life Inupiat people who could share experiences with us that most of us can't even read about was a special privilege . . . This has been one of life's treasured forever memories for me." Bill

"I had such a wonderful feeling of inner peace at camp." Lillian